While relatively new to the interpreting profession, I have been an active member of the Deaf community since 2003, including a semester as a visiting student at Gallaudet during my BA track. My time focusing on acculturation into the community was instrumental in my success in the Masters of Interpretation program at Gallaudet (2009), and subsequently as a culturally sensitive and thoughtful interpreter. I draw on a strong foundation of business, IT, and performance skills outside of the profession to inform my work, and pride myself on.

I am certified NIC Advanced, and a member of NAD and both the national and local chapters of RID. I hold myself to a high standard of professionalism, stemming from a strong work ethic and a rich education in the ethical decision making process. Although I ascribe to the RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC), I also hold myself to a rigorous standard of conscientious decisions based on an anti-oppression and discourse analysis framework.

In all things I endeavor to be the best, and hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon. Below are some testimonials from satisfied consumers who were willing to share their thoughts publicly.


Caroline M. Kobek Pezzarossi, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Gallaudet University

I have worked with Gerard Williams for some time both personally and professionally. My field is in psychology and this requires a high level of confidentiality. I quickly learned he could be trusted with sensitive confidential information. Mr. Williams is an outstanding individual to work with and his professionalism is beyond industry standards. I can trust implicitly Mr. Williams will express and interpret the situation beyond the minimum. He is a gifted communicator and can be counted on to deliver his best performance for all involved, efficiently and effectively. He is an individual who cares about people and this shows through his work. This is an important trait and further proof of Mr. Williams' passion for his chosen field.

Diane L. Nutting, Director of Access and Outreach at Imagination Stage www.imaginationstage.org

We have been absolutely thrilled with Gerard and his interpreting work with Imagination Stage!! His technique, flexibility, professionalism, and knowledge of theatrical concepts and processes has been invaluable. Additionally, he brings a sense of humor and a passion for his work to each job--and that makes him an absolute joy to work with.

Tabitha Jacques, Special Projects Manager, Smithsonian National Postal Museum

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"I would like to share a testimonial regarding my professional relationship with Gerard Williams. The two of us have worked together for about two years and I have enjoyed Gerard’s service immensely throughout this time. He provides high quality work, maintains professionalism and is more than capable of handling himself in a variety of interactions. There are three reasons, in particular, why I would strongly recommend Gerard Williams as an interpreter.

First, when he is interpreting my use of ASL into spoken English , he has the ingenious ability of accurately portraying my thoughts and meaning. He lets my personality show in his use of English by choosing the appropriate terms or phrases that I would use if I were writing or able to speak for myself.

I have worked with Gerard during several meetings with my colleagues. He has been able to continuously capture and portray the information shared by my co-workers. Gerard does this in a way that allows me to follow along in the discussions effortlessly. I never have to focus my thoughts on finding meaning in his use of ASL. His interpretations are crystal clear, as well as his use of fingerspelling. Gerard is also extremely skilled at conveying the personalities and undertones of my colleagues, which has enabled me to get to know my peers as individuals. And I have Gerard’s interpreting work to thank for that.

Finally, there have been a few occasions that I have worked with Gerard in a more informal setting with hearing friends who do not use American Sign Language. Gerard is able to maintain quality interpretation work while putting me at ease simultaneously. Instead acting as if he is forced to adhere to strict professional boundaries, Gerard is able to relax and that truly allows all of those involved in the exchange to feel natural and to enjoy themselves. Without doubt, I would recommend you chose Gerard Williams for interpreting services. He is really great!"

Translation courtesy of Jessica Gabrian, MA